How and where is your furniture made?

Our furniture is designed in-house, incorporating many of the ideas or requests you have shared with us over the years into our designs. Due to our quality standards, we produce exclusively in the EU. This also benefits the environment and improves our CO2 balance. The plastic content of the packaging is reduced to an absolute minimum and we limit ourselves to the amount of cardboard that is necessary for your BrandBox to reach you safely and undamaged.

Where can I find the shipping costs for my delivery location?

All shipping costs can be found under "worldwide shipping" on the home page, at the top of the tab. We offer free shipping to most European countries.

How long will the order be delivered?

We deliver the furniture in boxes on a disposable pallet to the curb of your home.

But don't panic now 😇 Our DACHSER truck drivers don't just drop your disposable pallets on the side of the road. If you ask the driver politely and the access road to your front door is wide enough, flat and on solid ground, he will also place your pallet very close to your front door.

We then recommend 2 people to lift and carry the packages off the pallet as some of the boxes are heavy.

Do I have to assemble my furniture myself?

Yes, all of our furniture is supplied for self assembly. Detailed assembly instructions will be sent by email prior to delivery.

Depending on the model, the assembly time is between 1 and 5 hours. If you have any questions during assembly, please contact us. We also try to be there for you on weekends and public holidays. Leave a message if we can't be reached right away!

Does The Brand Box offer an assembly service?

We do not offer set-up service or mediation for this service.

What are the delivery times?

If we have your favorite furniture in stock, the delivery time in Europe is between 3 and 7 days. If we don't have your model in stock, it can take up to 4 weeks to deliver.

All of our wood decor furniture is custom-made and the production and delivery time is around 6 weeks.

What are the guarantee times?

In addition to the statutory warranty periods, we offer a 3-year guarantee on our furniture.

Where can I find the dimensions?

We have stored images with all dimensions under "Dimensions" under the product descriptions in our web shop.

You can find the dimensions of the closed boxes above the photo with the dimensions.

Do you offer financing or installment payments?

We offer financing for all customers with German accounts via the service providers Klarna and PayPal. The payment method PayPal or Klarna is stored on our website as a payment method in the check-out.

You will find the Paypal installment calculator with every piece of furniture.

Why isn't my payment working?

We offer payment by bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, Klarna and various other payment options.

It can happen that a payment, for example with a credit card or Paypal, is rejected because your daily payment limit has already been reached. You can then contact your payment provider and increase your daily limit.

Order to Sweden and Norway - what about German VAT?

Deliveries to Sweden and Norway are calculated with 25% VAT. We then calculate 19% German VAT from our prices for orders and then calculate 25% Swedish or Norwegian VAT. Please contact us before ordering to Sweden or Norway.

What happens in the case of transport damage or hidden damage that I only notice when unpacking?

In our shipping email, we advise you to carefully check the boxes for external damage upon delivery. If this is the case, please have the damage noted on the driver's bill of lading and have the driver countersign it. This is the only way we can determine the cause of the damage and take recourse. Please also take photos and inform us immediately. We are guaranteed to replace any damaged parts! Please also pass on hidden damage to us immediately with photos, so that we can also process this damage and replace parts if necessary.

Do you offer discount?

Yes, we offer a 2% discount if you pay within 5 working days of your order. Prerequisite: Your payment must be made by bank transfer!

Do I get a refund of the discount if I forgot to deduct it?

If you forgot to deduct the discount yourself, we will not refund this voluntary offer on our part.

Discount is a voluntary offer on our part and must be actively calculated by the payer and the corresponding amount must be paid correctly and within 5 working days by bank transfer.

Can I reach you at any time via the website chat?

We can be reached at any time during our core hours (Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) via the website chat. We are regularly online outside of core hours. However, it is definitely safer and makes more sense to send us your message or questions by email. These are guaranteed to be read and answered (customerservice@thebrandbox.de).


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us via email ( customerservice@thebrandbox.de ) or by phone on +49 40 696 329 55. We are here for you!