Visit us at Kunst & Kreativ in Hanau

With art and creativity in Hanau, another dream location has come true for us. Dear Yvonne's modern shop is the perfect setting for countless hobby materials and is now the new home of our BrandBox CRAFT and BrandBox DESK and the new BrandBox SoftBench.

You can see our space miracles directly in the shop window. As a welcome, Yvonne hung up a helium balloon with "Welcome" and gave us and her family a really warm welcome.
Just like with us, art and creativity in Hanau is a family business where everyone lends a hand and helps.

Yvonne is a business woman with a heart who has an open ear for every customer and offers many artists in her area a platform for creative projects.

We are very happy to be able to show you our BrandBox furniture LIVE in this wonderful craft shop.