Children's room tidy in seconds

When you're expecting your first child, common sense sometimes stops when you buy the "initial equipment" 😇😉

What I want to say is that, for example, the price of the stroller doesn't seem to matter and the cost of a stroller can quickly run into the thousands.

After a few months of use, however, the good, expensive piece ends up on Ebay, because the little ones grow so incredibly fast.

Incidentally, our daughter Emma's pram was one of those Ebay strollers for 150 euros and when we no longer needed it, it was back on Ebay - in the "for free" section.

The same applies to the furniture in children's rooms. Always sweetly adapted to the age and quickly "grown out" again.

Don't get me wrong, I felt the same way 😆🙈

Since Emma started school, we made a conscious decision to have a BrandBox in the children's room.


The toys, handicrafts, books, dolls, doll things and above all the "works of art" spilled out of all the chests of drawers and were mostly scattered on the floor. No order, no overview - somehow it's no fun.

Creative chaos is fine, but if you can't see the carpet for all the Lego, Playmobil or Duplo, you need a practical and, above all, durable solution.

For us it was a BrandBox, all in one. Storage space, clarity, many transparent baskets and a spacious work table.

However, the best is. You can fold the whole cabinet and roll it away.

There are 54 baskets in the BrandBox CRAFT, which are great for sorting the different Lego bricks and handicraft items. We always put the baskets on the floor and then throw the Legos into the appropriate baskets. Whoever gets the most hits gets a reward. This way, tidying up is not only fun, it also makes sense.

The BrandBox CRAFT also has many advantages for children who share a room. You can use the CRAFT as a room divider in the room. The baskets and the space in the closet can be divided fairly between all the children and their materials. Up to three people can sit at the work table in the cupboard and do homework or paint and do handicrafts together.

Yes, a BrandBox feels "too expensive" for a child's room (although the stroller comes to mind again 🫣).

But you can see this closet as a long-term solution. This closet may not grow, but it adapts to all ages and needs of kids and will never be uncool.

A BrandBox grows with the tasks and interests of the kids.

For many, the term sustainability is (fortunately) anchored in life as a matter of course and should not stop with furniture. When buying furniture for children's rooms, however, you usually have the thought at the checkout: "Well, if it lasts two years, it's ok. After that we'll just buy something new again."

A BrandBox is a piece of furniture that you care for and cherish because it's just so much fun to use it over and over again.

A BrandBox becomes part of the family and the children's room is tidy in seconds. It's all a matter of education 😇

Just take a look at the CRAFT