What is the difference between CRAFT and SEW?

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Was ist der Unterschied zwischen CRAFT und SEW?

Craft means roughly translated; Arts, Crafts and Sew means sewing.

We designed our BrandBox CRAFT mainly for all creative people in the field of handicrafts. The BrandBox SEW, on the other hand, focuses on sewing as a hobby.

Here are the differences that might help you decide which BrandBox suits you best.

  • the BrandBox Craft has a total of 54 baskets included
  • the BrandBox SEW includes a total of 32 baskets
  • the BrandBox Craft has a continuously closed rear wall
  • the BrandBox SEW has a part of the back wall open (so that there is no fabric jam)
  • the BrandBox Craft includes a pen compartment in the center box
  • the BrandBox SEW has 5 shelves for thread spools and bobbins in the sliding door

Both BrandBox variants offer the same storage space. The decors or door fronts can also be chosen to be the same for both pieces of furniture. When designing the interior of the two BrandBox pieces of furniture, we focused on the needs of handicrafts and sewing. However, you can also adjust the height of all the shelves yourself according to your needs. If you would like to order the BrandBox Craft, but would like to have the spool holders with it, you can also order them separately. Incidentally, the same also applies to SEW. If you need more baskets for your SEW or if you want the pen compartment to enrich your box, you can simply order these accessories as well.

By the way, you can't change the back wall afterwards ;)

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