1 x photo 🟠2 x BrandBox🟠
Customer photo from Germany

2 x BrandBox CRAFT & 1 happy customer

perfect for painting, drawing and crafting with seashells

All information about CRAFT
CRAFT 🟠 for 🟠 birthday 🟠
Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to me...

Brilliant birthday present!

We also offer gift vouchers 😇

You can find the vouchers here
1 CRAFT 🟠 & 2🟠 side tables 🟠
This CRAFT belongs to a man 💚

A dream in green

We offer 2 different side tables.

Here you will find the side tables
Brand🟠 Box🟠 Studio🟠Dream🟠
This customer has been saving for a long time for..

their BrandBox studio dream

Maxi Desk perfect for working while standing.

All information about the Maxi Desk
Storage 🟠 for 🟠 wool 🟠
Photo of a dear customer from France

What hobby does this customer have? 🧶

Everything is now protected from dust and light.

All information about CRAFT
A🟠room 🟠in the 🟠room 🟠
Many children and no space for the hobby?

Here the hobby is in the living room and nobody sees it. 😮

Everything is stored childproof.

You can find all the furniture here
A 🟠 room 🟠 in the 🟠 room 🟠
Here the 2nd photo of the customer

Now the CRAFT is open.

Your visit will be amazed!

All information about CRAFT
Hobby 🟠 in the 🟠 attic 🟠
A BrandBox can stand where you want it!

hobby in the attic.

2 Trolleys complete the room.

All information about the Trolley
For 🟠 the 🟠 whole 🟠 family 🟠
This closet becomes a family box

Do your children also like to do handicrafts?

The SoftBench is for taking a seat and having even more space.

Here you can find the SoftBench
We 🟠 deliver 🟠 everywhere 🟠
The delivery is like Christmas 🧑‍🎄

We also deliver to you.

Mostly by truck, but also by ship and plane.

Here you will find information about shipping
A🟠closet🟠to fall in love with🟠
Have you ever hugged your closet?

This love will last forever. 🧡

This customer hugs her BrandBox HOBBY

Here you will find the HOBBY ART & SEW
Dining table 🟠 without handicrafts 🟠
People used to do handicrafts here at the dining table and today...

are all the handicrafts in the BrandBox.

This SEW is a "GOLD CRAFT OAK" decor.

All furniture is also available in wood decors
Sewing 🟠 in 🟠 a 🟠 BrandBox 🟠
This cute dog and the BrandBox live in Bremen

and the mistress so happy with her CRAFT

Do you prefer CRAFT or SEW?

Here you can find the differences
Sewing 🟠 is 🟠 like 🟠 magic 🟠
Sewing can be so easy when...

all sewing machines and things for them are optimally stowed away and always ready to hand.

Finally no more searching ☺️

All information about SEW can be found here
Home Office 🟠 Home Office 🟠
You don't want to call it a day here 😁

Is your office tidy too?

Storage space and workplace in one closet.

Here you will find the BrandBox OFFICE
www.ginkgowerkstatt.de has...

a perfect plotting station at home

Two trolleys combined in one block

All information about the MAXI trolley can be found here
Would you like an individual BrandBox?

You can put together your own box.

With MIX & MATCH you have the choice.

All information about MIX & MATCH
Dream🟠 room🟠 in 🟠 Italy🟠
Room with a view.

We love this room in Italy.

Antique and modern furniture in one room.

All information about the DESK can be found here
Play or work 🟠BOTH🟠
Play and work in the OFFICE

Here work becomes child's play 🎮

An ultrawide screen optimally placed.

Here you will find the BrandBox OFFICE
Small 🟠 helpers 🟠 very 🟠 big 🟠
Luxury in the craft room

The rotating MiniDeluxe as a shelf for the heating press.

Rotatable, resilient, wonderful...

You can find the Mini Deluxe here
A space 🟠 of 🟠relaxation 🟠
Order in the room brings order to the mind

Crafting in a relaxed and clear manner.

By the way, we offer SVG files for the baskets.

Here you can find the free SVG files
Friends 🟠are🟠 priceless 🟠
Build a BrandBox together

Yes, we always deliver our furniture for self-assembly.

No worries! It's easy, everything fits and everyone did a great job.

If you have any questions during assembly...
🟠Germany 🟠or 🟠Hawaii
No matter where you live and work...

Every customer loves their BrandBox 🧡

You are also welcome to send us your photos.

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