Shipping and Delivery Time

For all European countries we charge a flat rate for shipping.If you wish a delivery outside Europe, please contact us. We will then calculate the current shipping price for you and send you a corresponding order link by email.

How does the transport and delivery work?
As soon as your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email from Dajana with your invoice, your assembly instructions and all information about transport.
Our logistics partner DACHSER will send you an SMS or email with a link to the DACHSER delivery calendar 1-3 days after picking up your pallet from us (in the warehouse in DE-22145 Braak).

In this online calendar, you can then select and confirm your final desired date and period for the delivery.

DACHSER only delivers "free to the curb", which means that the shipping pallet is placed on the sidewalk closest to your front door.

We recommend 2 people to remove the boxes from the pallet as some boxes can weigh up to 28 kg.

How do I behave in the event of transport damage?
Upon delivery, please check the integrity of the boxes on the pallet by walking around the pallet. If you notice any defects in the packaging or footprints on the boxes, please make a note of this on the bill of lading and have the driver sign it as well. Please take photos and inform us immediately.
The pallet does not need to be unpacked to perform this test.
With your diligence, we can react immediately in the event of transport damage.
If the bill of lading is "purely drawn" - i.e. without any notes, the warranty for damage in transit expires.

Our shipping pallets & packaging
Pallet dimensions:
disposable pallet
200 cm x 120 cm
Disposable - Euro pallet
120 cm x 80 cm

All shipping pallets are one-way pallets, which means we will not pick them up from you and they cannot be given back to the driver. Our wooden pallets are made in Germany, only heat-treated and therefore fully recyclable.
Some creative customers turn the wooden pallets into furniture or flower stands for the garden or use them for the basement or in the garage.

The wood of our pallets is also suitable for fireplaces or campfires.

Delivery times
All of our white BrandBox furniture can be delivered almost immediately. With the exception of our wood decor furniture, black and variants in the color greige, we produce them continuously, which means we always try to have everything in stock so that you can get your dream box as quickly as possible.

You can find the current delivery status of each BrandBox piece of furniture and its variant in the "Availability" information box for each piece of furniture.

Our wood decor, black and furniture in the color greige generally have a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks after the order date, as these variants are always custom-made.

Deliveries to Switzerland

All deliveries to Switzerland include Swiss VAT. We do not pay the VAT. We do not pay out the difference in VAT, as we take care of all extra costs, additional transport costs and the processing of shipping, preparation of export documents, import documents, customs clearance, import processing and VAT payment for you through our Swiss fiscal representative. We deliver the furniture you want conveniently to your door, without you having to worry about bureaucratic processes and payment of the extra costs and fees incurred by Swiss customs and the transport company. This also shortens the transport time to Switzerland for you.

There are no customs duties, the price in your shopping cart is the final one. There are no further costs to you.

Order to Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Hungary - what about VAT?

Deliveries to Finland are calculated with 24% VAT, Denmark, Sweden and Norway with 25% and deliveries to Hungary with 27% VAT. We then calculate 19% German VAT from our prices for orders and then calculate your corresponding VAT for you. The additional VAT will be shown and invoiced separately.

Please contact us before ordering to Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland or Hungary.

Deliveries outside the EU

We can ship our furniture worldwide.

For deliveries outside the EU, we are happy to offer you the current price for transport by sea or plane.

Feel free to contact us about delivery costs outside the EU.


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