We are a family

We are Dajana and Kai and form the core and heart of The Brand Box Handel & Vertrieb GmbH. At home we are a family and in the office and warehouse we are a perfectly coordinated team.

"Anyone who keeps order is just too lazy to search" - this saying certainly applies to Kai, but not to the close-knit and creative Dajana.

But if the sewing accessories couldn't be kept in check even by intensive tidying up, if the desire for order in the hobby corner made you constantly have a bad conscience - then solutions were needed. We have found a solution. And we share them with you!

We are a team

Our team at The Brand Box consists of creatively bubbly and commercially minded professionals. A great mix, we think. This is how our idea could become a success story: The Brand Box now makes tidying up a pleasure. It is the story of a miracle of space that makes tidiness child's play!

We live our dream

On April 1st, 2016 we founded our company in Hamburg, Germany. In the meantime we can benefit from more than 7 years of experience as a dealer and now as our own furniture manufacturer - but what is even more important - from many personal discussions with you. It is only thanks to your support and experience that the BrandBox CRAFT, the BrandBox SEW or the BrandBox OFFICE are now on the global market.

Order with the highest quality

Admittedly, we have very high demands on our space miracle. The Brand Box should convince in every respect with quality:

  • The concept is tailored to your needs and is mainly based on Dajana's own experiences with her sewing room, which was more like a moving dune. If you have a creative hobby - or want to quickly make your study disappear again - you can now tidy up more efficiently than ever!
  • Many intelligent details surprise with special functions and have been tailored exactly to the needs of creative people who are looking for order. You will now experience it like Dajana and clean up enthusiastically - bet?
  • Our cabinets are exclusively made in Europe. Why? Because of the excellent quality under European production standards and to keep the distance to the customer short. Because we also feel responsible for our environment. We have largely dispensed with plastic in our packaging and only use it when there is no alternative yet. The Brand Box offers you more than a storage cabinet. The Brand Box offers you a life companion.
  • We are particularly proud of the countless positive statements and reviews from our customers regarding our personal customer service. Because your e-mail will be answered directly by us - competently and quickly and always with heart.
  • And no call center will answer your call either. We always answer the phone for you. Who could give you better and more competent advice than the inventors of the space miracle themselves?

It will stay that way. Because you are important to us!

Let's clean up!

Call us on 040 69632955 , use Whats App 0049 174 3391921 or send us an email to customerservice@thebrandbox.de

We look forward to you!

The Brand Box Handel & Vertriebs GmbH
Braak Mill 18, 22145 Braak
Telephone: +49 4069632955