Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

Our environment is very important to us and we want to make our contribution. That is why we have already decided to produce our BrandBoxes in Europe under European production and environmental standards when we were designing them. We only have our Hamburg production company produce at our neighbors in Poland.

This creates short transport routes and minimizes our CO2 footprint. We also ensure that European environmental criteria are always met and have direct access to all production processes. Of course, our raw material wood comes from sustainable forestry and all our European suppliers bear the FSC seal of quality accordingly. We get all our wood requirements from a sawmill in Austria.

We have reduced the plastic content in our packaging to an absolute minimum and switched all edge protection parts to environmentally friendly, recyclable honeycomb cardboard. We do not use adhesive tape, but rather close our packaging with recyclable strapping. We only use plastic fleece to protect the individual panels, but here too we are working on a better, more sustainable solution. So that your BrandBox always arrives safely with you and our environment is burdened as little as possible!

Our hard plastic baskets, which are always an important part of every BrandBox piece of furniture, are always a "topic" in terms of sustainability, especially these days.

We deliberately chose baskets made from recyclable hard plastic, as these are the most sustainable. Unfortunately, everything about plastic is “thrown into one pot” these days. Personally, we're a staunch opponent when it comes to non-recyclable or single-use plastic. We therefore also personally ensure that, for example, up to 98% of our packaging goes into the recycling cycle.

Our baskets are sustainable because they last forever and if a basket does break, it can be recycled. This means sustainable and closes the cycle of reusable raw materials.

No other material would meet our demands for transparency, durability and sustainability and we are very pleased that all customers can use our hard plastic baskets forever and are completely satisfied with them.