Team work

Our furniture is always created as a team. We often sit together and design our furniture based on years of experience and, above all, on inspiration from our customers.
We then always produce a prototype that is put through its paces, tested, stressed, tinkered with and tried out. We only go into production if a new BrandBox passes all the stress tests and meets our requirements.

We manufacture our furniture in two of our own joineries at our Polish neighbors. Furniture construction in Poland has a long and successful history and we are very lucky to have such a unique, creative, hardworking and family team at our side.

For our BrandBox furniture, we always select only the best and, above all, European raw materials and materials. On the one hand, we can be really sure about the materials we are processing and thus also support our local and European economy.

Another reason why we produce in Europe and buy all raw materials mainly in Germany and Austria is the short, flexible and fast transport routes to our production sites. Our environment is very important to us and we can therefore make an important contribution to protecting it.