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Thanks to the creative collaboration with dear Anne from Ginkowerkstatt, we have already conjured up a nice selection of plotter and handicraft zero-euro files. If you have any other ideas for templates, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to many new ideas and to photos or videos of your plotter works with our BrandBox zero-euro files.
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You've finally unpacked your new plotter, connected the cable, downloaded the software, stuck the first film on the mat and you're sitting on your first plotter project full of anticipation.
Hearts, circles, fonts or a few pre-installed handicraft or plotter templates can be found automatically with most plotter providers. There are no limits to the creative ideas for self-design in all programs, you just have to know how to create them.
At this point, however, there is a huge lack - especially at the beginning with the plotter. The sense of achievement thins out and this beautiful hobby can quickly become an ordeal, in the truest sense of the word.
Countless plotter foils and beautiful sheets of paper have not survived the messed up cuts and are crumpled up in the bucket.
There are countless templates on the Internet for optimal cuts and use of a plotter. Many hard-working and above all creative plotter file designers create plotter templates for every occasion and taste. Whether templates for designing T-shirts, school cones, cups, windows, lunch boxes or greeting cards, every topic can easily be searched for on the web. Many of these files are created optimally for the plotter at home and can also be easily downloaded by beginners to their own laptop or PC and uploaded again in the plotter software for use. With luck you will find the desired plotter file as a so-called zero-euro file.
What is a zero euro file?
Very easily. A zero dollar file is a free document or video.
There are many websites that offer plotter templates in the form of zero-euro files as added value for their customers.
The Brand Box is now also offering plotter zero-euro files, as our space miracles and handicraft furniture are used by countless plotter fans. Our furniture as well as hard plastic baskets offer enough free space to really let off steam creatively.
The design of the BrandBox hard plastic baskets is particularly beautiful. On the one hand you can use our plotter template for the front of the baskets. This zero-euro file is optimally adapted to the dimensions and the handle recess. You can either attach a plotter foil to this surface or back the basket with cardboard paper. This allows you to redesign all baskets in your favorite color according to your wishes and take them to a new level optically.
However, if you appreciate the transparency of the baskets and you like this look better, but want to see more quickly what exactly is in each BrandBox basket, you can also just plot a lettering on the basket.
Particularly popular are: cutting patterns, vinyl plotter foils, flock plotter foils, printer paper, fabric scraps, office supplies or charging cables.
Incidentally, the BrandBox Craft includes 54 hard plastic baskets, giving you 54 different options for labeling them or decorating them with plotter foils.
The outside or free inside surfaces of our craft furniture can also be accentuated with beautiful plotter stickers. How about, for example, our slogan "The Tower of Love" for our popular BrandBox Tower? The white, continuous drawer of the tower, for example, would be an ideal place for it.
Other plotter zero euro files from BrandBox are funny sayings or puns that we have collected from our customers over the years. We wanted to pass this on to our customers as a thank you.
Many of you have been wanting a BrandBox for years and even design your planners or notebooks with drawings of our craft cabinets and storage furniture. Now they can simply print out a BrandBox and fill their calendars and notebooks with it.
Perhaps our zero-euro files can also be used to create birthday cards or self-designed vouchers for a BrandBox, since we know that a Craft, Sew or BrandBox Office is on countless Christmas wish lists or birthday lists.