Katja Kerschgens

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    Katja Kerschgens

    Castioneweg 45

    53518 Adenau


    Telephone: 0049 173 85 89 895



    Please always make an appointment in advance!

  • An artist through and through

    An artist through and through

    On Katja's website you can read the following on the start page:

    Everything is energy.

    This realization saved me .

    My art should remind you
    that you
    can courageously face seemingly insurmountable hurdles .

    Thanks for your curiosity!

    That's a good thing, because I'm curious too. Otherwise I wouldn't have had the courage to turn my whole life upside down from now on.

    wheelchair? Crooked fingers? Doesn't matter. Since I've
    been painting , my energy has been flowing again - so it also became my profession !

    Katja is an all-encompassing creative power woman with so much heart and mind, who has already positively reached so many people with her brushstrokes.

    She is looking forward to your visit and will show you her BrandBox Hobby and the BrandBox Trolley in her studio.