Your study in a closet

"I work from home".

Since Corona, this has (finally) been possible in many companies and companies and is a real advantage for everyone who has to reconcile family and work.

Thankfully, many stereotypes about 'working from home' have disappeared since the pandemic.

But where do you work at home?

A table, a chair and a nearby socket and the home office is ready?

The emergency solution: a dining table, an extension cable and hopefully a WLAN printer can certainly be implemented for a few days. In the long run, however, this job is not a real job.

Home is home and work is work, in other words, you should separate the two from each other so that you can mentally make room for both and the end of the day really means free time.

When you used to leave your office, you didn't first clear the whole table, take down the computer and hide the folders, did you?

It should be the same with working from home.

A BrandBox Office is the perfect solution for work and storage space in one. An office or study in a lockable cupboard sounds strange or as we say: wonderful!

A BrandBox OFFICE is a space miracle on wheels that offers you a spacious work table, space for your monitor and printer, lots of compartments and storage options for your folders, files, papers, cables, pens and your office supplies.

With your study in the closet you have everything in order and within reach. You can use the supplied transparent baskets, which are always included in the price, to organize your projects and materials clearly.

The left side box of the BrandBox OFFICE is a double lockable filing cabinet with extra thick shelves. File folders and paper in general can be very heavy, so we designed this filing cabinet to handle it.

We have also thought of intelligent cable routing, as well as a triple socket with a double USB connection and to top it all off, you can also optimally illuminate your work area with the LED light top.

A room within a room could be the solution for your long-term home office. You can now say goodbye to your work dining table or to the work in the basement office and say hello to BrandBox OFFICE.

It doesn't matter whether your BrandBox Office is in the living room, in the hallway or even in the bedroom: close the closet - it's over. 🧑🏼‍💻

From the outside and closed, a BrandBox OFFICE is a timeless cabinet and, thanks to its simple design, adapts perfectly to any style of living.

Since Corona, we have all had to rethink something and our apartments and houses are changing with it. An office in a closet is the new zeitgeist for optimal work where you live. Separated and yet together.

Here you will find your office in the closet