Your craft room in a closet

Happy Birthday!!! You wished for a cutting machine from Cricut and finally got it? That was 2015 and you still haven't unwrapped that thing?!

Sounds strange, but that's exactly what a lot of customers tell us before they order a BrandBox CRAFT.

Why do you buy or wish for handicraft machines, handicraft materials, endless pens, paper, boxes, beads or stamps so that you can store them at home in the best possible way in kitchen drawers, under the bed, in the attic or in the last corner of the basement, or rather ; hidden and therefore sometimes simply forgotten?

Simply because you never have the right place at home for the wonderful and all-encompassing hobby of "tinkering". Correct?

Here is your perfect solution for storing your craft supplies!

A foldable, mobile cabinet on wheels, with a work table, storage space, shelves, rods, hooks, garbage compartment, cable management and just WOW .

A WOW cabinet that is the simple highlight in every room.

When closed, your craft cupboard is a timeless cupboard that looks great in the living room. When opened, a real miracle of storage space with a work table that finally keeps all your collected handicraft materials and machines tidy, ready to hand, protected from dust and light.

With a BrandBox CRAFT you can put an end to the never-ending search for the optimal solution for your hobby.

Here you will find your craft closet
  • A BrandBox in the living room 🧡

    A BrandBox in the living room 🧡

  • A room in the room 😲

    A room in the room 😲