Balloon moment

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    Ballon Moments

    Rudolf Breitscheid Straße 1

    07607 Eisenberg / Germany 

    Phone: 036691/ 861 638

    Fax: 036691/ 863 701

    Mobile: 01520/ 881 074 9



    Opening hours:

    Tuesday - Friday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. and by appointment

  • Balloons and Events & The BrandBox

    Balloons and Events & The BrandBox

    With Katrin Geppert you are at the right address when it comes to balloons and events in the Thuringia area.

    The cozy shop inspires small and large customers again and again and from now on all BrandBox fans can watch the BrandBox Craft and SoftBench live in Eisenberg.

    Katrin takes plenty of time to answer all your questions about our storage space miracles.

    She herself uses her BrandBox Craft to store the countless balloons, ribbons and all the decorative accessories.

    Her balloon creations are unique and she conjures up the perfect decoration for every occasion.