Jaqueline Sieger

  • Address:


    Jacqueline Sieger

    Outlet Bastelexpertin.ch

    Rebenstrasse 3a

    8309 Birchwil/Nürensdorf / Switzerland


    0041 78 819 16 50

    Please ALWAYS make an appointment with Jaqueline in advance.

  • Jaqueline - our BrandBox brand ambassador

    Anyone who lives in Switzerland and is a craft fanatic will definitely know Jacqueline Sieger, the former owner of Atelier Rägeboge.

    Even after retirement, Jaqueline is still creative and very active in the handicraft scene.

    She is also the proud and happy owner of a BrandBox CRAFT and a BrandBox MAXI trolley and is happy to show them to anyone interested by appointment.

    Jaqueline is our BrandBox brand ambassador.

    What is that? A customer (in this case Jaqueline) becomes a BrandBox team colleague and shows prospects her BrandBox furniture at home. If orders are successfully placed, Jaqueline will receive a commission from us.

    Feel free to contact Jaqueline Sieger if you would like to see the BrandBoxes. She's looking forward to you.