Creative 4 Fun

  • Address:


    Creative4Fun GmbH

    Talstrasse 10
    40822 Mettmann

    Tel: 021048176441
    Fax: 021048176442

    Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm

    No appointment necessary. Just drive by 😉

  • A handicraft shop with a heart in Mettmann

    A handicraft shop with a heart in Mettmann

    If you ask an artist, hobbyist, plotter fan, creative person or a mum in North Rhine-Westphalia looking for school supplies for the perfect craft shop, 99.9% name creative4fun as the first address.

    You will find Creative4Fun in the beautiful Königshof gallery and as soon as you enter the lovingly designed handicraft dream, you will know why we are so happy about this partnership.
    Mr. Leu, head of Creative4Fun, and his entire team are not just colleagues, they are a creative team and run their family handicraft shop with a lot of heart and always have their finger on the pulse.