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BrandBox side table (CRAFT - SEW - OFFICE-CUBE)

A dream comes true

Keeping organized with thousands of tiny crafting supplies isn't easy. The BrandBox handicraft cupboard makes exactly that possible and allows you to store and sort everything in a beautiful and visible way. I'm looking forward to my next craft session.
A few larger compartments or long compartments for wrapping paper rolls would have been useful. Otherwise I put everything away. As for the assembly instructions, I have to say that a few details were missing. However, you quickly get the hang of it, because many steps are repeated and then you notice these details. The pictures and captions were great. And the materials and the value of the individual parts have also convinced us. A really great invention, the savings were worth it :)

Super comfortable stool

Great stool, nice color (petrol)
I love sitting on it and of course the extra storage space is very welcome too.

dream fulfilled

The BrandBox is a dream come true! The only drawback: it would have to be a bit bigger for all the great handicrafts that are available!
Future craft projects will be so much easier and the HO will also be even more attractive with this great workspace. Big table, everything to hand, I couldn't be happier to have chosen the Brandbox!

Absolutely awesome

Everything went great. My ordered Brand Box Craft would have even been delivered on Wednesday. I only noticed the incoming email from Dachser too late. Then she came Thursday at 9am, which was great too. Everything was intact and packaged really well. 👌
Your instructions were very easy to understand and then you were in. 😉
We noticed the very good quality straight away. It was a perfect match. Every little hole. 🤗
I am so happy about my new achievement. Thank you very much for your development. There is definitely something behind it. I wish you continued success with your fantastic, super space-saving, well thought-out furniture.
I'm definitely a fan of yours. 😊
I have attached a picture of my brand box for you.
She is mega 🥰 and some in my area are already completely enthusiastic. 👌

Mega part... very high quality work.

The BrandBox SEW sewing cabinet came very promptly and was packaged very well. I didn't notice much of the structure because I work abroad.
But putting it away was a lot of fun and I finally have a lot of space and very important "ORDER"
But the positive "disadvantage" is that I find it difficult to part with sewing. ;), but I can live with that.

Perfect solution for my craft room

I'm super happy with the Brand Box Craft/Office mix that I ordered. The customer service was great during the ordering process and it fits all my craft supplies. There was a small scratch on the door and one of the sides because a box was damaged during delivery but overall it was very well packed up and sent out. It was easy to build, I did most of it alone. Some pictures in the instructions weren't super clear but there wasn't much that could go wrong. Thanks so much for this amazing idea!


Fast delivery, super forwarding agent, assembly instructions very detailed and easy to understand. And the finished closet is a dream

Very satisfied

It was a feast putting the closet together. Each step is described in detail. With desire and leisure, it's even fun :) But you have to be a couple! Many Thanks!!!

Everything great

Everything went SUPER, from ordering, paying, delivery and assembly! Thank you for this piece of furniture, a win! And maybe there will be an extension in the future! I can only recommend you!


I'm really excited about this closet! Really a miracle of space! Assembly instructions ok, could possibly be a little clearer in some places. Almost managed to set it all up by myself. I only needed help with lifting.
The only flaw: the top light is on all the time and I would appreciate the option of ordering more shelves and, if necessary, different door handles. Otherwise: I am very happy! Well thought through!!!!
I've already "advertised" with acquaintances!

Dear Valerie, Thank you for your review.
We would like to help you with your concerns.
- You can permanently switch off the LED light top with the supplied socket strip. It is enough to turn the socket switch to off.
- If anything is unclear during assembly, please always let us know. We offer a WhatsApp service, can be reached via chat, you can send an email or call. We always help with all questions, even outside of our opening hours.
- If you want more shelves,. you can order them via email. Just send us your wishes by email. You can order any part from us.
Kind regards, Dayana

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet
Nina Bidlingmaier
The best at all

Everything went great from the delivery, assembly and setup! I'm super happy that I've now stored all my crafting supplies and have a real place where I can be creative! I would like to thank your company very much! That's thanks to you possible!
Yours sincerely, Nina Bidlingmaier


I am very excited. The instructions were easy to understand and everything was well numbered, making assembly super easy. The box now offers storage space for all my handicrafts and handicrafts and also serves as an inspiring home office space.

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet
Luzia Krahenbühl

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet
Carola Pitteloud-Werlen
Absolutely perfect product

The quality of the closet is top. Every detail is thought through. The assembly instructions are very precise and easy to understand. Super product, which I can only recommend.

BrandBox SEW - sewing cabinet
Juliet Siedeman
Best sewing closet!

I love my Brandbox Sew. It replaces my entire sewing room. The contact and collection went smoothly and was super great! Thanks a lot for this.


I bought the Hobby BrandBox 4 years ago and have now also bought the HobbyArt Sew. I'm excited once again. So much storage space, the whole concept is absolutely great and the material is really worth its price. I love being able to store everything neatly and having so many different options. Nevertheless, the closet does not take up much space when closed. I can heartily recommend The Brand Box.

great thing

Great addition to my daughter's brand box.

BrandBox SoftBench - seat box
Jennyfer Hoffman
Very good quality

Very well processed materials, instructions very easy to understand, helpful customer service.

Great addition to my Brandbox Craft

Very comfortable and practical, volume fleece, fiberfill, cherry stones and stone pine shavings are now well stowed away.

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet
Natalie Schimmel

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet

BrandBox CRAFT - craft cabinet
Andrea Schueren
Everything great

From ordering to assembly, everything went well.

Everything great

From ordering to assembly, everything went perfectly.

BrandBox SoftBench - seat box
Andrea Schueren
Everything great

From ordering to delivery and installation, everything was just perfect.

Well designed and manufactured product in general- some suggestions for improvement

1. Thoroughly review the installation instructions. There are some mistakes and missing steps.
2. The door hinges in plain screw on fashion are not very esthetic. Would suggest to machine a slight recess where the hinge is fixed to the exposed area and provide a stick on cover.
3. One of the wheels with brake is not pivoting freely around the vertical axis and requires replacement.

BrandBox CRAFT

Wer diesen Schrank nicht hat, versäumt einiges. Er bietet sehr viel Platz und man hat alles an einem Platz. Dieser Schrank ist super.

Super Nähschrank.

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, Montage nach Anleitung ist unkompliziert. Sehr gut verpackt. Gute Qualität. Ich bin begeistert.