Yasemen Fer

  • Contact details:

    Contact details:

    Yasemen Fer
    4055 Basel


    Email: ferycraft@gmx.ch
    Phone: +41797808124

  • From customer to customer

    From customer to customer

    Who better to demonstrate and show you a BrandBox and tell you from their own experience what the quality is like, what the structure of the furniture was like, how the delivery worked beforehand and how the order felt?

    Exactly!! From THE BrandBox experts, our customers.

    Due to the high demand to see a BrandBox live before ordering, we founded " BrandBox - Brand Ambassador".

    Our brand ambassadors show and advise customers – customers.

    A customer (in this case Yasemen) becomes a BrandBox team colleague and shows prospects her BrandBox furniture at home. If orders are successfully placed, Yasemen will receive a commission from us.

    So if you live near Basel in Switzerland and would like to visit a BrandBox and see and experience it live in action, you can now contact our dear customer Yasemen.

    Since 2022, Yasemen has been the proud owner of a BrandBox CRAFT, pure white - with LED light top.

    Feel free to contact Yasemen and make an appointment.

    She's looking forward to you.