For us, it's not all about the BOX - but also about milk and biscuits -

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Bei uns dreht sich nicht alles um die BOX - sondern auch um Milch und Kekse -
Have you ever thanked a furniture store for the friendly advice and the great service with handcrafted cards or homemade explosion boxes, biscuits or chocolate? 🧐 Me neither, but YOU do it with us!
At this point I can only thank all those who have given us such heartfelt attentions. We are really happy about that.
When we founded our company in 2016, I thought; okay, that's a really great job. But I never thought how great this job actually is. We have so much personal contact with our customers that the issues often go beyond our boxes. I was just chatting with a very nice woman about children and iron deficiency (don't ask me how we came up with that). We both had to laugh with emojis for exchanging things like that. 🤣
Well, yesterday we had a very special customer appointment. A creative dairy farmer recently bought a box from us. Since we wanted to send her a few more shelves and her farm is around the corner from us, we simply brought the delivery personally. We then spent two hours looking at the farm, the cows and horses. Stroke, fed and got a good load of cow dung 🤣 . At the end and thanks, this time there were no crafted cards, but milk. How long has it been since you drank real milk from the farm? Do that! In any case, I will always get the milk from this farm from now on and I am already looking forward to the matching biscuits 🧡 If you want the address of the farm (in Trittau), you are welcome to write me. Kind regards, your Dajana
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