Storage boxes: the perfect organizers for craft supplies and sewing utensils

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Aufbewahrungsboxen: die perfekten Organizer für Bastelbedarf und Nähutensilien

Welcome to our guide to storage boxes, the perfect organizers for craft supplies and sewing essentials ! Proper storage is crucial for a well-organized workspace and creative projects. In this guide, you will learn important tips and ideas for buying storage boxes that are specifically tailored to the needs of crafters and seamstresses. We will look at various aspects, from functional requirements to creative storage solutions.

Discover with us how you can create order and optimize your work environment with the help of storage boxes – The Brand Box will help you!

The versatility of storage boxes: small helpers with a big impact

Storage boxes are not just simple containers, but real all-rounders when it comes to organization. They offer a practical way to store various items in an orderly manner and thus keep the workplace organized. From small utensils such as needles and buttons to larger tools and materials, everything finds its place in the various compartments and drawers of the storage boxes. Their versatility means that they can be used in different areas such as the craft room , sewing room or office. They are also available in different sizes and designs, so that the right box can be found for every need and every interior.

Functional requirements for storage boxes

When you're thinking about buying a storage box for your craft room or sewing room , you should always keep functionality in mind. Here are some important criteria to consider when making your selection:

Size and capacity:

The boxes should be large enough to hold all the materials needed without appearing overcrowded.

Subdivisions and subjects:

Built-in dividers and compartments help keep different items separate and organized.

Transparent pages:

Transparent sides or lids allow a quick overview of the contents of the box without having to open it.


Stackable boxes save space and provide a space-saving storage solution.

Robustness and durability:

High-quality materials and solid construction ensure that the boxes last a long time, even with frequent use.

Easy to clean:

A smooth surface and wipeable materials make the boxes easier to clean and maintain.

How to use storage boxes

Here are some ideas on how storage boxes can be used innovatively:

Wall shelves with integrated boxes:

Mount wall shelves and combine them with storage boxes to create a vertical storage solution that saves space while being easily accessible.

Drawer systems:

Use stackable drawer systems to keep small craft supplies and sewing accessories neatly organized and protected from dust.

DIY pegboards:

Create a DIY pegboard and hang small storage boxes on it to keep tools and accessories handy and visible.

Underbed chests of drawers:

Use underbed chests of drawers with wheels to store fabrics, yarns and other bulky materials under the bed to save space.

Transparent boxes with labels:

Use transparent storage boxes and label them to quickly identify contents and ensure easy organization.

BrandBox Mini Deluxe: your all-in-one organizer for your craft or sewing hobby

The BrandBox Mini Deluxe is an indispensable tool for keeping your craft or sewing area tidy and optimizing organization. This storage box was specially designed to keep your craft supplies, stationery and other small items close at hand. With its three rods for washi tapes and ribbons as well as the waterfall shelf, it offers enough space for pens, markers, brushes, notes and much more. The built-in turntable means you have all the materials quickly to hand without having to search for long. The option to stack up to three BrandBox Mini Deluxe on top of each other allows for individual customization and maximum flexibility when organizing your work area. Our BrandBox Mini is also the perfect addition to our craft cupboard .

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