Your sewing room in a closet

I recently read that showering is not me-time. So no time out from everyday life or a wellness program. Showering is a basic need.

I've thought about this for a long time and I have to say that's true.

Taking a shower is a bit like buying a sweater or pants. You need a sweater or pants, go to a shop and pay. Showering is a basic need, like sweaters and trousers.

On the other hand, a long bath with candlelight, hair mask, peeling and dreamily lying in the warm bath water is a blessing for you. It's the same with sewing.

Sewing your own piece of clothing awakens so many creative skills in you that you sometimes didn't even think were possible. The feeling of finally holding the finished work in your hands and then actually wearing it is indescribably beautiful.

You are so proud and every time you see this garment in your closet or put it on, you remember every pinprick, every broken thread or the exhilaration when everything fits together in the end and looks really good too.

You don't get that feeling from a shower, sweater or pants from the store.

A BrandBox SEW conveys just the same me-time feeling.

Of course, the kitchen table is also enough for your sewing machine. That's where my passion for sewing started - at my mom's kitchen table.

I remember the good times when the sewing machine rattled, the fittings, the utensils distributed, the many fabrics in the bed box and, above all, I remember that we ate on the sofa in the evening (because the kitchen table was still packed) or after who spent hours cramming everything back into the boxes, drawers, the basement or the top shelf of the wardrobe after sewing.

A BrandBox SEW offers you everything in one: a creative sewing station with work surface and storage space. Everything you need for sewing in one closet – all in one place. Who cares if an unfinished project just sits on the workbench in your sewing closet and after dinner you can just pick up where you left off?!

In everyday life, you sometimes shorten your free hours very precisely for your hobby and how nice it is when you can start this precious time in seconds without searching, towing, setting up and dismantling!

If you can call your own hobby room your own and crown it with a BrandBox, it is an absolute dream of many.

However, not everyone has this luxury, which is why we have chosen the design of our BrandBox furniture to be so simple and timeless that this miracle of space also fits wonderfully into the living room or bedroom. Closed a cupboard - opened a sewing room on wheels, with a work surface and plenty of storage space for fabrics and sewing accessories.

Welcome to your me time 🧡

Here's your sewing closet
  • Sewing or bath? 🙂

    Sewing or bath? 🙂

    No matter what type of relaxation you choose, the important thing is that you can enjoy it in an uncomplicated way. 😉

  • Our photos are not perfect?

    Our photos are not perfect?

    That's true and that's because we love to show you our customer photos. Because these pictures are not just a photo, but a little insight into home, with the feeling of "me time" from happy customers. We think that's so beautiful 🧡