Sewing utensils and accessories: practical ideas for organization and more order

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Nähutensilien und Nähzubehör: praktische Ideen für die Organisation und mehr Ordnung

Sewing is not just a hobby, but for many it is also a passion and a form of creative expression. However, in order for sewing to run smoothly and efficiently, a well-organized work environment is essential. This is where sewing utensils and accessories come into play, which are often available in a wide variety and need to be stored neatly.

An innovative solution for storing sewing utensils is the BrandBox SEW, a specially developed sewing cabinet that optimizes organization and order in the sewing room.

Categorization of sewing utensils

When categorizing sewing supplies, it is important to create a structure that allows for easy and efficient organization. To do this, sewing supplies can be divided into different categories:

Sewing machine accessories:

These include sewing feet, bobbins, needles and other parts that are specifically needed for the sewing machine.

Tailoring tools: These include tailoring scissors, measuring tape, pins, seam rippers and other tools used in cutting and sewing.


This category includes fabrics of various colors and materials, yarns, buttons, zippers and other embellishments needed for making clothes and accessories.


This includes sewing thread boxes, sewing boxes, sewing baskets and other storage containers used to store sewing utensils.

Importance of marking and labelling: our tips

Marking and labeling sewing supplies is an essential part of effective organization at the sewing table. By labeling and identifying your sewing materials and tools, you can keep track of your supplies and find them quickly and easily. Here are some tips for marking and labeling:

Storage container labels:

Use labels or markers on sewing storage containers such as sewing baskets, sewing boxes or drawers. This will help you see at a glance what materials are in each container.

Color coding:

Use different colors for labels or tags to identify different categories of sewing supplies. For example, red tags could be for sewing thread, blue for buttons, and green for zippers.

Clear labeling of sewing machine accessories:

Clearly label storage containers for sewing machine accessories such as presser feet, bobbins and needles so you can quickly find the accessories you need when working on your sewing machine.

Regular updates:

Check your labels and tags regularly and update them as needed to ensure they are accurate and up to date.

Ideas for effective storage solutions

Effective storage solutions are crucial to keeping your sewing supplies neat and easily accessible. Here are some ideas on how to effectively organize your sewing materials and accessories:

Sewing baskets and boxes:

Use clear sewing baskets or boxes to organize your fabrics, threads, buttons and other small sewing supplies. The clear containers allow you to quickly see what's inside without having to open them.

Wall shelves:

Install wall shelves above your sewing table to create additional storage space. You can use them to store sewing books, patterns and other sewing supplies that you use frequently.

Roll container:

Use rolling containers with drawers to neatly store small sewing items such as needles, buttons and sewing machine accessories. The rolling containers can easily be placed under your sewing table and still offer plenty of storage space.

Hanging storage:

Use hanging storage bags or baskets to organize your sewing supplies vertically. These can be mounted on the wall or door and provide additional storage without taking up valuable space on your work table.

Labels and markings:

Clearly label your storage bins and drawers so you can quickly find the supplies you need. Use clear, visible labels to keep your sewing supplies organized.

BrandBox SEW: the spacious sewing cabinet for your sewing utensils

The BrandBox SEW is an innovative sewing cabinet that was specially developed for storing sewing utensils. With a variety of compartments, drawers and shelves, it offers enough space for all sewing materials and accessories. Its well-thought-out design enables clear organization and quick access to required utensils while sewing. The BrandBox SEW is therefore the ideal solution for a tidy and efficient sewing room .

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