#BigKim - The Story of My Cardigan

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#BigKim - Die Geschichte meiner Strickjacke

I got a very special present from my mom for Christmas. A scarf she knitted herself from the finest merino wool, which she worked on night after night for 4 months, has been warming and inspiring me for weeks now.

Somehow I finally felt like knitting something again and looked for inspiration under #simply knitting on Instagram. That's when I discovered #Lotilda's cardigans and fell in love with them.

Do you know that? You see something and with glowing letters it says in your mind: WANT TO HAVE!

So I sneaked around this jacket for weeks. I imagined which jeans, or which dress or skirt my jacket would go best with.

I think many of you who are considering buying a BrandBox feel the same way. In your mind you are already putting the baskets away and in your mind's eye you can already see yourself sitting relaxed at the table. You just haven't ordered yet. 😬

So at some point I stopped dreaming and ordered the knitting instructions from Lotilda, Wolle und Strick Nadeln.

I bridged the delivery time of the wool by studying the knitting instructions. Although this is in German, I had the feeling that I had to learn a new language. Can I do it? I have no idea, but I just started. By the way, I started a total of 8 times!!!! 🙈

So that it wouldn't be 9 times, I contacted the author of the knitting instructions. If anyone knows anything about knitting and especially the BigKim jacket, it's probably the originator. Tanja Königs is the queen of cardigans, so to speak, and answered me within a very short time and I was able to continue knitting - WITHOUT starting over.

However, so that I don't demand too much of their patience and helpfulness, I looked for other "companions in suffering" on Instagram.

There I found a BigKim cardigan that had just "hopped off the needle" and wrote directly to the busy bee. Since then, jule_teu has actively supported me with explanations, drawings, tips and tricks and simply motivated me to keep going.

I find it so enriching that social media is not just a flood of images and posts, but (of course) there are also real people there. I'm always happy when your questions end up in our BrandBox mailbox and I can answer everything. (By the way, if an answer should take a little longer at the moment, that's because I'm working on this jacket 🤭😉)

My BigKim cardigan is still not finished, but as we all know, the path is the goal and I would never have thought that I would get so many nice contacts and, above all, so much help, encouragement and motivation.

What have I learned from this? JUST START and DARE TO ASK 😍

Best regards, your Dajana

ps Photos of my finished jacket will of course follow (soon) 🙈

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