CRAFT or SEW or OFFICE? Which BrandBox is right for me?

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CRAFT oder SEW oder OFFICE? Welche BrandBox passt zu mir?

Finding a filing system for your needs is easy.

A cupboard = storage space and workplace in one.

Here I describe "short and sweet" the distinctive differences of our bestsellers:

BrandBox CRAFT, BrandBox SEW and BrandBox OFFICE

Our BrandBox CRAFT / handicraft cabinet

You don't do handicrafts? Don't let the name of the box put you off and take a closer look at our BrandBox CRAFT. Our craft cupboard is a universal organization system, also for your needs. Lots of sorting options for everyone and everything at home. It doesn't matter if your machines finally need a permanent place or if the printer and laptop have to be stowed away. Papers, documents, school supplies, sewing utensils, plotter supplies or knitwear, modeling clay, make-up, nail polish. Whatever your heart desires can move into your BrandBox CRAFT and be sorted.

The CRAFT summarized in 6 seconds:

  1. 54 baskets included
  2. 2 sliding doors included
  3. 1 garbage compartment included
  4. 1 pen compartment included
  5. closed back wall
  6. Socket and clever cable routing included

You can adjust the height of all shelves according to your wishes. If there are any baskets left over, feel free to use them in your closet, for example, for sorting socks or things that are always flying around in the closet.

Our BrandBox SEW / sewing cabinet

As the name suggests, our BrandBox SEW is a sewing cabinet. In this miracle of space for all hobby tailors, we have incorporated a few very specific elements that are unique to this wonderful hobby and make sewing even more beautiful.

SEW summarized in 8 seconds:

  1. 32 baskets included
  2. 2 sliding doors included
  3. 5 thread spool racks included
  4. 1 garbage compartment included
  5. Rear wall partially open
  6. Socket and clever cable routing included

That's right, there is no pen compartment in the BrandBox SEW as in the BrandBox Craft. But the ingenious thread spool holders for the sliding doors.

Why is the back wall partially open? Sewing large fabrics made easier. Due to the partially open rear wall, long fabrics can simply slide behind the cupboard and there is no "traffic jam" in the table area. This unique idea inspires quilters and patchworkers in particular.

You don't really need a home office? Nevertheless, you are welcome to read the special features of our


And the big black monitor is finally gone. A special feature of our BrandBox OFFICE is the raised area above the work table. This also allows you to store tall screens in this cabinet. Another special feature is the left, lockable filing cabinet. This side box offers you wider compartments because there is no built-in sliding door. Extra-thick shelves for particularly heavy folders, machines or papers, as well as two locks complete this side box.

The OFFICE summarized in 8 seconds:

  1. 32 baskets included
  2. 1 sliding doors included
  3. elevated table area for tall monitors
  4. 1 lockable side box
  5. closed back wall
  6. 1 socket and clever cable routing included

Each BrandBox has a lot in common, but some differences.

Just ask yourself:

- I want a lot of baskets and space to sort?

Then choose the BrandBox Craft. 😁

- do I really want the open back wall?

Then choose the BrandBox SEW. 😊

- do I want to store my tall monitor?

Then select the BrandBox OFFICE. 😄

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