Pouring with concrete & Keraflott

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Gießen mit Beton & Keraflott

I have a new hobby!

Who would have thought that I would tear myself away from my plotter and sewing machine to literally get my hands dirty.

I know that no one needs a new vase, a new decorative plate, new bowls or planters. 🙈 If so, then you just go to a corresponding store and buy something like that. I did that for a long time too.

From now on I'm addicted to casting in silicone molds and can't stop. From now on, my family and my circle of friends will be given gifts of bowls, pots, cans, plates and candle holders that they made themselves.

It all started with videos and instructions from Alles-für-Selbermacher. I've enjoyed the sweet stories on Instagram about pouring silicone and concrete on my screen for a long time. But really do it yourself? You definitely need talent and a thousand things and above all a kick in the butt so that you can really get involved in a new hobby offline. 🤣

I simply looked for “like-minded people” and who is the best person to ask about such things? Exactly, our countless creative customers.

This is how the last BrandBox craft day came about with the motto “Casting with silicone molds”.

What you need?

- Silicone molds as desired (e.g. from Alles für DIYermacher)

- Casting powder e.g. Keraflott or KeraQuick or

- Concrete e.g. VITO Piano from Mörtelshop.de

- if you like: pigments or colors to mix in

- small, flexible mixing bowl (take a look in the basement or at the hardware store)

- a spoon (to spoon the powder or concrete from the bag into the bowl)

- a short-handled whisk (take a look in the kitchen or at Action)

- Water

The “ingredients” are manageable, I would say.

By the way, please don't be alarmed when you check the prices of silicone molds. These molds (at least at "Everything for DIY" are handmade and of really excellent quality. After use, simply clean them with lukewarm water, let them dry properly, store them away from dust and away from light (preferably in my BrandBox furniture 😉) and then the molds will last forever. This means that “it pays off” to invest in quality in order to achieve the best results and, above all, to use these forms forever with a view to sustainability.

If you are lucky enough to have “like-minded people” in your environment, you can also swap forms wonderfully with each other. So you don't have to buy all the shapes of your dreams yourself, just rent them out or rent them out.

On our BrandBox craft day we had a large selection of molds because there were already a few casting professionals.

Creating a shape is really very simple.

(I have to admit, I do this by eye and if the mass feels like yogurt, it's perfect 😂) and then simply pour it into the mold. Always pour slowly and tap the mold slightly on all outsides so that the casting mixture reaches even the smallest crack. If you still have “stuff” left over, just quickly pour in a small candle holder. You will notice that casting powder is not wasted.

Please ONLY dispose of the rest of the casting compound in the trash can and never in the sink. (otherwise this will be a really expensive hobby!! 🙈)

Now it's time to WAIT. Keraflott or KeraQuick need approx. 20-30 minutes drying time, VITO Piano Beton approx. 1 hour.

It's best to wear rubber gloves - especially if you have nail polish on it - and start demoulding. With rubber gloves you simply have a little more grip to get the cast works out of the mold. Especially with bowls and complex figures it is sometimes an act. But don't be afraid that your shape will be broken. The shapes from Everything for DIY can withstand this wonderfully and don't break.

You can tell I'm in love with this topic, right?

By the way, my children are also really excited and we will be holding a “craft party” for Emma’s birthday in our ShowRoom in 22145 Braak for their guests. By then I'll have probably treated myself to one or two molds or borrowed them from a friend. On the one hand, you have a really great, entertaining program and the kids can then take their cast treasures with them as gifts for the guests.

If you have any questions about “creative design with casting powder and concrete,” please feel free to get in touch. Our BrandBox Family group on Facebook is also a great platform to ask creative questions.

So, my mold is dry after this blog post and you now know where to find me 😉

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