Can I pay only a partial amount with Klarna? I already saved the rest!

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Kann ich auch nur einen Teilbetrag mit Klarna bezahlen? Den Rest hab ich schon gespart!

This is a very good question! And yes, that is possible (but only for German customers at the moment)!! 🤗

With our well-known partner #Klarna . you can easily pay off your dream box at your own discretion.

And how does it work? I'll tell you with an example:

We recently had a very dear customer in Germany who had already saved a large amount for her box and had also convinced her darling of her luck that he would also benefit from the tidying miracle (I'm just saying: empty dining table!!), but it part of the amount was still missing ...

So we split the booking into two orders. She paid for one of the orders with her savings and the other order - with the remaining amount - with Klarna. A few days later we delivered her box. Her darling has been busy setting up, is happy about the order and the empty dining table 😂
If you would like a flexible order or offer, simply send us an email to or chat with us live (simply click on the chat on the right).

Kind regards, Dayana

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