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Mein Plotter-Parkplatz

I NEVER wanted a plotter. Honest. My sewing machine, overlock, laminator - fabrics, threads, pens are clearly arranged and now in "normal" quantities (and not like at the wholesaler 😂) very well-behaved, dust-free and protected from light in my CRAFT. I thought my creative life was fulfilled and complete.

Well, years ago I started watching Eva Maria Biehl's plotter consultation hours. 😬 I really thought she's crazy! She conjures up the most expensive stickers in the world 🙈 and I will never do that 😂😂😂

Now there's a Silhouette Cameo 4 and a Cricut Maker next to Mom's sewing machine and Dad's serger. Mom and Dad are a bit angry because the plotters are getting my most attention at the moment.

But it really is so much fun to create stickers or textile prints. Plotters are such a nice creative addition if you already sew or, for example, do hand lettering.

‍As great as the joy is, there was a problem with the new machines. I have the luxury problem when it comes to the selection of storage space miracles - i.e. a BrandBox 🙈 But the plotter at home (in my case the maker - because the Cameo 4 is in the showroom in Braak) had more of a neglected place to stay and everything I used the maker lid badly as a storage place for papers, books or the ironing mat. So quickly put it on top, I'll put it away later.

As you can certainly understand, this "later" is never 🙈

‍That's why our new BrandBox Podium was created (coming into the shop this week!!!) - it's like a shelf around the plotter, so I don't have to put anything on the plotter and put it away "later".

‍But then there was another hurdle why the plotter is not used as often as I would like. If you want to plot something quickly, but the BrandBox Craft has just been hogged with a new sewing project, plotting quickly is out of the question. In addition, my children like to spread out when plotting or I sew and Emma would like to use the plotter.

My first consideration was buying a serving trolley. You know which one I mean don't you? Those metal wagons - which always look a bit like a decorated Christmas tree. The practical thing about the serving trolleys, however, is that they are small and flexible. That's exactly what I wanted - but not the Christmas tree charm laden with planters.

A BrandBox serving trolley was in my head and I couldn't get it out of there. However, a small car was not "clever" enough for me and, above all, too small and not enough "WOW". Something was missing. Where can you work on the serving trolley at the same time and where do I put all the foils, the transfer press, small Cricut iron, the long mats, power cable and ironing pad?

The MAXI Trolley was created from these thoughts - a work island around the "serving trolley". A piece of furniture on which you can work, cut, weed, plot, do handicrafts, write and paint while standing.

When our first MAXI TROLLEY prototype was in our office, we were very excited about what could come out of my serving trolley idea. The appraisal usually takes hours for us. Measure, test, try - that sounds exciting - but it is also exhausting.

When we were all in thought and in brainstorming mode, Kai sat down - just like that - on the small trolley 🤭 There it was - the WOW effect.

How awesome is that? You can simply sit down on the inner trolley and still work comfortably at the table. ❤️❤️❤️

My plan for home now is that the MAXI trolley stands next to my CRAFT and if we want to design large plotter projects at the dining table, I can simply "park out" the packed, smaller trolley and push it to the dining table super easily - like a serving trolley. So I no longer have to lug the plotter and then fetch all the accessories and materials. Everything is already perfectly stowed away and ready to hand.

You can always use more work space, right? When the MAXI Trolley lives with us, Emma can sit comfortably next to me and do handicrafts, do homework or just be with me - without us both having to sit at a table 😉

‍Now the MAXI trolley has been "out of the bag" for a few days and I'm getting a lot of enthusiastic calls. The MAXI Trolley has already struck so many in the heart. A creative, mobile workplace - which really only needs a little space - but offers a lot of space. Two in one and everything included.

‍Let me know how you like the MAXI TROLLEY ❤️

‍Best regards, Dajana

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