Sit - down - stay

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Sit - down - stay

You'd think I'd write about my sweet dog Sammy now. I could, because this blonde Labrador girl, which we received from almost a year ago, conquered my heart just as quickly as my BrandBox.

With "sit - down - stay" I mean my scissors, sewing needles, glue sticks or my tape measure.

Do you know that, too? These small but extremely important helpers are constantly disappearing!

The first reaction is then usually a sharp question to my children, where they put the things again. You can guess the answer. "I have no Idea!" or "I didn't even use that!" or "Never seen that!"

My carotid artery then usually throbs a little harder and I start looking. How much of my life do I actually spend trying to find something? Too much in my opinion.

Since I have my BrandBox at home and of course I can't prevent my family from using it, I've been thinking about a system.

Each family member gets their own basket. The emphasis is on my family but per person, on ONE basket (and the rest is mine ;)) I marked my most important scissors and other tools with ribbons or stickers and some of them even with a small chain, directly in one of the glass doors . According to the motto - cut yes, laze no.

My daughter recently commented that she feels like she's at a gas station when you pick up the toilet key at the checkout. huh But she's right. There you always get the small key with what feels like a bowling ball, so that you don't accidentally insert the key.

I don't care if my kids feel at my BrandBox like they're at a gas station ;) My scissors have never disappeared since these measures and I can always start my projects immediately.

But now I have another problem 🙈 I can't find my glasses and my kids really don't have them .🤣

Maybe I'll ask my Labrador girl Sammy about the glasses and if she doesn't know either, we'll just go for a walk in the woods. I only need the glasses to read and do handicrafts.

Kind regards, Dayana

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