Help, I need an office in the living room...

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Hilfe, ich brauche ein Büro im Wohnzimmer...

You don't have space at home for your own study? Then integrate it into another room.

The combination of living space and work can present you with some challenges, but it can be mastered without either area having to suffer.

A place for the desk and new shelves can often be found quickly. If this furniture is placed in your living room, all elements want to be integrated into the whole, so that they are not perceived as a disruptive factor and do not break through the cozy flair.

However, do you really want patchwork and open furniture that likes to look cluttered and dusty all the time?

How about the idea that you could combine desk and storage space?

We can't really do magic, but the Brand Box Office offers an office without it looking like it or messing up your living atmosphere with open chaos.

Desks and shelves are useful furniture, but the Brand Box Office is a flexible living dream.

Especially with a home office - out of sight out of mind - a healthy and welcome relaxation. Your PC, scanner, folders, appointment calendar and maybe even your mobile phone disappear into your brand box. In the integrated socket strip, your devices can be charged at three sockets and two USB ports while you recharge your batteries on your sofa. Your gaze will not wander to your monitor or mountain of paperwork, because you can simply close your BüroBox doors.

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