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Unterschied HOBBY & CRAFT

I am happy to answer the justified question about the differences between our BrandBox CRAFT, SEW or OFFICE and our BrandBox Hobby ART & SEW furniture.

‍Our CRAFT, SEW and OFFICE furniture is our largest furniture. They are the same in height, width and depth and offer the greatest possible storage space.

The BrandBox CRAFT, for example, includes 42 large BrandBox baskets and 12 small BrandBox baskets.

‍The BrandBox HOBBY ART & SEW, on the other hand, "only" contains 8 large and 18 small BrandBox baskets. The HOBBY versions are smaller pieces of furniture. They are lower, narrower and less deep.

‍So the difference is the size, inside and out!

‍All versions, however, share the same mission. Namely order, clarity, an integrated workplace, extraordinary quality and great attention to detail.

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