Wer bekommt eine neue Strickjacke?

Who gets a new cardigan?

I know that a self-knitted jacket won't save the world, but it's kind of important to me to give someone a little joy in these crazy times.

Actually, I really like to sew and I do this regularly on my BrandBox, but when I'm knitting I can sit in the family's living room and at least listen to the conversations or the TV. All background noises are a bit like a radio play and I can wonderfully forget the rest of the world around me for a few hours.

I read through all your lovely comments on Facebook today and I would like to conjure up a cardigan for everyone. But since I'm hoping for a short deceleration of normal life, I'll start with a jacket and this goes to: Kati Claas.

Please get in touch with me so that I know exactly which color you want and which size I can knit for you. I then order the wool accordingly and then need about 3 weeks until your cozy mohair jacket is ready. My email address is: dajana@thebrandbox.de or you can reach me via Facebook Messenger.

All from the heart everything imaginable dearest. and best and above all HEALTH!! xxx Your Dajana