We bring light into your BrandBox

You can also purchase the TOP LED light as an accessory for your BrandBox CRAFT, SEW, or OFFICE. On the one hand, our BrandBox LED TOP is the optically beautiful conclusion of your BrandBox and on the other hand, it is also the best way to optimally illuminate the work area and the contents of the baskets of your BrandBox. It is equipped with 2 high-quality, replaceable daylight LED strips (each 6000 lumens) , which are characterized by their low heat generation. Since all the necessary fasteners are already pre-assembled in your cabinet, the assembly of the LED TOP is done quickly.

The LED Light Top is delivered in a box on a pallet.

The power cable is equipped with a German plug and can be used for other sockets with an appropriate adapter.

The LED light top is switched on and off by touching the lights.

The LED Light Top is shipped in a box on a pallet.

The assembly takes about 10 minutes.

The LED light top is already completely pre-assembled. There are 2 LED daylight bars with touch function on the inside. A cable with a German plug is also included.
Height: 5 cm Width: 111 cm Depth: 91 cm

Der Weg deiner Bestellung von unserem Lager zu dir

Wir schicken dir eine Versand-Email sobald deine Bestellung/Palette unser Lager in Braak verläßt und an unseren Logistikpartner DACHSER übergeben wurde. Mit einer Trackingnummer kannst du den Weg deiner Bestellung jederzeit verfolgen.

Nach 2-3 Werktagen kommt deine Bestellung/Palette im „DELIVERY HUB / VERTEILERZENTRUM" unseres Logistikpartners an. Die Kollegen von DACHSER rufen dich dann persönlich an und besprechen mit dir den finalen Termin für deine Anlieferung.
WICHTIG! Die Lieferung erfolgt immer bis zur Bordsteinkante.

Deine Bestellung/Palette wird nun zum abgesprochenen Termin vor deinem Haus an die Bordsteinkante geliefert.

BrandBox LED TOP - Version CRAFT-SEW-OFFICE | Immediately available