For example, there is a plotter in the rear table area of ​​the BrandBox. The perfect place - but also the perfect place to stack folders, papers, ironing mats or folders on the plotter. We therefore wanted to create a shelf for the inner area of ​​the table of each BrandBox to avoid stacking files and materials on machines. This resulted in our BrandBox Podium and the possible uses are endless. On the one hand, as I said, you can use the podium as a shelf around your plotter. However, if you want to work on your BrandBox while standing on your laptop, you can simply use the podium as a working elevation. The BrandBox Podium table shelf can also be used as a shelf for unfinished projects (e.g. for drying, cooling down or as a clipboard).

Do you have a BrandBox DESK or Maxi DESK and eg two plotters? You can place several BrandBox podiums on top of each other and thus bring order to your machine park. You can also use the podium outside of your creative furniture. For example as a decorative shelf in the kitchen when preparing breakfast (plates below, food above). A small BrandBox table shelf with many possible uses, which cleverly fits in and on any BrandBox or anywhere you need more space without having space. The podium can be put together in two different versions: either with a closed rear wall or with a 6 cm high middle bar. Both stabilization panels are included, but only one needs to be assembled. So the choice is yours. Either the rear wall is closed or the podium is completely open - with a small central bar in the middle under the shelf.

There are white felt gliders under the side panels.


BrandBox Podium external dimensions:

65 cm wide

30 cm deep

27 cm high

BrandBox Podium interior dimensions:

61.5cm wide

25cm high

Interior height when mounting the stabilization panel: 19 cm

Interior height when mounting the rear wall: 25 cm

The Brand Box Podium is delivered in a cardboard box.

The scope of delivery of the BrandBox Podium: 1 x storage shelf 2 x side walls 1 x small stabilizing bar 1 x rear wall ‍ You can EITHER mount the narrow bar under the shelf OR the closed rear wall.
Height: 27.00cm Width: 30.00cm Depth: 65cm

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BrandBox Podium - table shelf | mid-January