Only for the CRAFT, SEW and OFFICE versions!

The BrandBox magnet film set (consisting of 2 films, each 30 cm x 70 cm) is a magnetic accessory that also allows you to use the outside of the sliding doors of your large BrandBoxes perfectly.

The optimal solution for storing embossing dies, embossing dies made of metal, or dies. Your valuable stencils can now wait for their next use on the magnet boards, clearly arranged, dust-free and protected from light. You can no longer lose, misplace or bend stencils.

material thickness

1.60mm (+- 0.05mm)


pole spacing :


Adhesion2 min. (g/cm²) : 58

Min. adhesive strength (N/cm): 0.58

You can attach 2 Magent panels one below the other on a sliding door (outside). To fully equip both sliding doors you need 2 magnetic board sets.

Please note: The BrandBox Office only has one sliding door.

Normal household magnets or commercially available magnets will not stick to our magnetic boards!

Scope of delivery:

- 2 x magnetic boards

- Version 1 matt white

- Version 2 black / white striped matt

- magnetic surface

- not writable

- Adhesive surface on the back

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2 magnetic boards per set
30cm wide 70cm high

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