Home office in the truest sense

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Homeoffice im wahrsten Sinne

Hello dear friend out there,

How are you? Yes exactly you!! Your life changed almost overnight, just like mine.

Inside you is a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a wife, an employee, a businesswoman, a teacher and above all a (power) woman who is now trying even harder to get everything under one roof and to stick together.

The arm of this virus also reaches into your family. Did you ever think that something invisible could affect your life at home like this? No, me neither.

Home office is not a foreign word for you. Even before Corona, you tried to save the world not only in the office, but outside of home. The small difference was the free will to do this.

Suddenly working at home between the kids, the husband and the dog is a whole new challenge.

I can understand you so well that the tireless call of your name or "title" Mama constantly throws you out of rhythm at your desk and home office is just this new German word. After all, you're a woman, you can do it. Inside you're as ready to fight as Rambo once was and your dark circles replace the camouflage stripes on Sylvester's cheekbones.

Do you know what helps me? I replaced "MAMA" with - I love you - and home office with - I'm the boss -

Because that's you, the boss. Create time zones and do you know what a boss does? Delegate and direct.

My former craft closet is now my office. The kitchen has become everyone's sphere of activity and even the smallest in the house now knows how to fold the laundry. Division of labor on a new level and space and time-outs for everyone.

So, my brave warrior and friend out there, I am thinking of you and thinking of you. I'll sit on your shoulder, whether you're brushing your kids' teeth, practicing math, cooking or running the shop in your home office, and you'll sit on mine.

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