Sewing is my yoga

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Nähen ist mein Yoga

#NähenistmeinYoga can be found on all internet platforms and it always sounds so relaxing. However, you don’t just need a yoga mat, some sound music and half an hour to sew.

Half an hour is usually spent looking for the sewing machine, thread, fabric, scissors, needles and pattern. Not to mention the annoying assembly of all the necessary utensils on the dining table at home.

When you then supposedly have everything together, the right zipper is still missing and you start running again.

By the time you can finally start your design project, several half hours have passed and the motivation is usually already in the basement.

At least that's how it always was for me. In addition, you always have in the back of your mind to clean up all the stuff after sewing. One constantly intends - but then really and finally - to put everything in a box or at least in a room so that the search comes to an end, but somehow this plan never works out. It's like New Year's resolutions. How long do you stick with the diet or how often do you really cycle to work? Good intentions are fine - but mostly they remain unfulfilled.

Our BrandBoxSEW is not a panacea for clutter, but the search is over. The resolution to finally sew something for yourself or the kids or to put a great patch on the hole in your pants before they get too small can be implemented in a relaxed manner.

You simply open your closet and you are flooded with the sense of order and pride in ownership of all your sewing treasures. Everything in its place, everything in one place, everything visible, everything tangible, everything wonderful.

Patch out, turn on the sewing machines, thread in and off you go. In half an hour you patched 5 pants and were really relaxed. It feels a bit like you never have to queue at the supermarket, the tank is never empty or the dishwasher empties itself every day. The annoying part of sewing is eliminated. Forever.

You will soon answer your girlfriend's question, would you please repair a tear in her favorite blouse, with a relaxed YES, instead of throwing your brain at the same time to call up the internal GPS data, where all the necessary materials are in the house let find.

So #NähenistmeinYoga is within reach and not a sequence of letters on Instagram or Pinterest. In the form of the BrandBoxSEW, it's true 🧡 Sewing is relaxation 🧡

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