Become a BrandBox brand ambassador - earn money with your BrandBox

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Werde ein BrandBox Markenbotschafter - verdiene Geld mit deiner BrandBox

Do you own a BrandBox and are super happy with it?

Here is your opportunity to make money with your joy.

Become a BrandBox brand ambassador!

How it works?

Many of our customers want to see a BrandBox live before making a purchase and have a lot of questions. We already have fixed locations in various cities where interested parties can view our BrandBoxes.

We would like to expand this network and now you come into play. 😊

Show your BrandBox to new customers and advise them.

This can be done at your home, by email or by phone.

We publish your contact details on our website and new customers will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

If an order is successfully placed, you will receive a sales commission from us.

In order to find interested parties, you can also become active yourself. Various social media and your network offer many opportunities to reach people.

If you are interested in our brand ambassador program or have further questions, just send me an email to:

We look forward to you and our cooperation.

Best regards, Dayana

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