Where is there quality?

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Wo gibt es noch Qualität?

Do you know that?

We sat in the garden yesterday, very relaxed. I just wanted to bring something to the kitchen quickly and put the glass in the dishwasher right away. I opened the flap and this was immediately followed by a loud crack - thanks, broken door.

There is now a small bow on the handle to remind everyone in the house to hold the door when opening it.

Back in the garden, I sat back on my chair that we bought last year. A quick glance at the edge of the chair and what do I see there? A hole in the fabric. Thanks for that too.

"MAMA, MAAAAMA, MAAAAAAAAMA" echoes through the garden. Either Emma saved an earthworm or something is broken. Exactly, a tear in the trousers, which have been worn twice, completes my day in the garden.

I won't even get started on our heating system, which has been humming for a year and which no technician has been able to repair so far, but yesterday I asked myself whether there was actually no quality left?!

Washing machines used to last 30 years and you could even inherit trousers.

So, don't they have the good "made in Germany" quality anymore?

Yes, with us. When we started TheBrandBox, we were looking for the best materials for our furniture. Starting with the smallest screw, up to our touch LED lights.

I don't want to claim that everything is perfect with us, but our quality is really enormous and has no equal and if something does break for any reason, you can always call us and we will send replacements.

I can try to complain about my dishwasher after the warranty period or show Amazon the hole in my armchair or return the pants to Zara. Except for a tired laugh I will definitely get nothing.

It's different with us. We stand behind our furniture 100% and our service doesn't simply stop as soon as a BrandBox has left our warehouse.

I'm now sitting back in my garden and looking at my BrandBox in the conservatory and then I'll answer my own question.

Yes, they still exist: the high quality and personal customer service. With us - for you - promised 😘

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